Today at Hope School

Today at Hope School

Quotes from Hope School teaching staff

Gerald (English Teacher): "When the orphans came here, they didn't know even to speak Swahili. They didn't even know a single word in English. They were speaking only in their vernacular-sukuma and jita. But today they speak Swahili fluently and they have started to speak English. Example Dotto and Paulo are very young but they are trying to speak English oftenly"

Stephen (Mathematics Teacher): "They have improved in their understanding and their performance is satisfactory. They can now easily interact with others and have discussions and also they play with others. Some has excelled in performance in such a way that they have outsmarted even those who are not orphans. The good example is Richard, manaseh,Doto , Paulina, Paul and josephat."

Quotes from Hope School orphans and dormitory staff:

Anastazia: "I 'm very happy that now I'm staying in this new dormitory, it is so well ventilated compared to the small room we were living. There is enough space for everyone, and everyone has got her own bed, we are no longer sharing things. Thank you Hope school for this dormitory."

Abigael: "The toilets and bathroom are now inside the building. So I'm no longer afraid to go to toilet during night."

Valentina: "The new dormitories offers us a very conducive place to sleep, I have never dreamt that one day I'll be living in a good place like this. So I thank God and Hope school for giving me this chance."

Richard: "I have plenty of time to study, as I don't have to go and feed the cattle as I was doing before coming to hope. The dormitory has offered me a chance to have time to study"

Dotto: "My parents die, and I don't have a responsible relative to take care of me and my brother. We don't have anywhere to go, even during holidays. This new dormitory has provided a home for me. And I feel secured being here."

Josephat: "I was physically abused by my relatives who took care of me, but since Hope took me, I'm no longer abused. I have a good place to stay, and I'm sleeping on a bed. The new dormitory has provided a life for me. May God bless Hope school and Madame Dede."

Bahati (Hope School Manager) says: "We thank God that things have improved. Today orphans are no longer sharing one mattress; everybody has got his/her own mattress, bed sheet, a blanket and is sleeping on the bed. This is a great achievement, and I real thank you so much."

Ana (Dormitory care Nurse): "When I first meet them, their health was not good. Even the place they were staying was a reason for their bad health. Taking an example of skin diseases, it was very difficult to cure it because it spread from one to another as they were sharing the mattress and bed sheets. But today, after giving them medicines and improving their living condition things have changed. Their health is now good".

Please click on Hope School 2008 & 2007 for details of the construction of each of the dormitories including photographs and drawing plans!

Southern Africa's Children supports the care of orphaned children who live at Hope School by providing the funds when necessary for their food, clothes, medication and educational needs.

The children receive breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food they eat is varied and ensures a good natural intake of vitamins and minerals.

In addition the children will have drinks and snacks once or twice a day.

It currently costs around 3,000 GBP per month to provide this amount of food for the fifty eight orphaned children we care for. This is 1.7- GBP per day per child and around 53 GBP per child per month.

If you would like to help look after one of our children at Hope School please see our 'How to Help' page. We welcome any amount of support you can comfortably give.


If you are interested in supporting any of these projects then please do contact Jennifer Walker on 01933 664091 or via email. Alternatively click on our "How to Help" page.

To contact Jennifer Walker email her here or call on: +44 01933 664091

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