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Imagine going to bed each night as a parent, wondering whether or not this night would be the night one of your children was murdered and dismembered by local villagers who harvested body parts for a living. Though it may sound bizarre, that's daily life for thousands of Tanzanian families with albino children. Safety is found in only a few places; places like the Mitindo Albino School.

The albino murder tragedy stems from ancient African witchcraft that teaches albinos are spirits or ghosts, rather than human beings. As such, they are not afforded the same protections as people as they are considered the product of a curse or divine punishment. Witch doctors use their body parts to cast spells, make potions, and ostensibly bring wealth and prosperity to non-albinos. And they will pay a high price to get those body parts.

The Need for Education

At the Mitindo Albino School in Mwanza, teachers and administrators know all too well how important it is for albino children to receive a proper education. It is their only hope for future; and that's only if they are able to find a safe place to purchase land they can use for farming or to start a business. Mitindo is also a place of safety and refuge.

When the Tanzanian government opened the school the idea was to provide both education and round-the-clock protection. It is a boarding school that allows the children to reside there so they don't face the danger of having to walk to and from the grounds every day. Currently Mitindo houses several hundred children with nowhere else to go.

Mitindo Cannot Meet Demand

One of those generous donors is Southern Africa's Children (SAC), a UK charitable organization working on the ground in Tanzania. They sponsor albino children who have also been abandoned / orphaned and have no one to care for them. Southern Africa's Children provides the finances to pay for uniform, food, clothes, books, pens and medical needs for these children to go to Mitindo School. These children live at the school and receive an education. It is not an ideal situation as SAC would prefer to find these children families where they can grow up in a happy family environment. However it is not possible to find families who are willing to risk their safety in society by taking in an albino child. Southern Africa's Children supports families who love and support their albino children with the funds to secure their albino children places at local village schools. Other children like Vedastus are found school places at schools on the mainland in Mwanza. Southern Africa's Children works in partnership with the Ukerewe Albino Association who are on the ground. Our project co-ordinator and Association volunteers work on the ground to visit and support these children and their families.

SAC does much of its work from Ukerewe Island, just off the coast of Mwanza in Lake Victoria. The island is home to the largest concentration of albinos in Africa because it is the safest place for them to be. Even so, albinos still face persecution and daily trials on Ukerewe.

You can help SAC make a difference to albino children's lives on Ukerewe and bring an end to albino attacks and murders by making an online donation. Whether large or small, every pound you can add to the cause will help albino children in need.

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