Future Projects at Hope School

Future Projects at Hope School

Southern Africa's Children is committed to partnering Hope School to provide the best quality education and care for orphans in Shinyanga, Tanzania.

Over the past three years Southern Africa's Children has provided the funds to construct dormitories for the girls and boys. This has provided a more stable and secure environment for the children to call home.

We plan to support Hope School with the following future projects:

Enclosing the dormitories and constructing a playground and activities area will enhance this area of the school and attract fee paying boarding students increasing the sustainability of Hope School.

The Hall will be used by the children as a dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will also be an area for planned activities such as drama, music and dance as well as an area for fun play during the rainy seasons. In addition the hall will provide some income as it will be rented out for functions such as weddings and funerals and parties. The area will also be available for community groups to meet in.

The Vocational Training Centre will be a large project which will take time to plan and fund. The Vocational Centre is important for our children as not all are academically secure. We wish to provide these children with an opportunity for practical learning to enable them to pursue alternative routes to independence. The vocational training centre will offer learning in trades such as carpentry, cooking and tailoring. All of these skills continue to be important and will provide income earning opportunities.

We are happy to provide detailed budgets and plans for these projects on request.

If you are interested in supporting any of these projects then please do contact Jennifer Walker on 01933 664091 or via email. Alternatively click on our "How to Help" page.

To contact Jennifer Walker email her here or call on: +44 01933 664091

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