Albino Witchcraft Murders Documentary

The Albino Witchcraft Murders Documentary How You Can Help!

In the Western world, it is estimated that 1 in every 20,000 people suffers from albinism. In Africa that number is closer to 1 in 4,000; a staggering difference that has inevitably led to misunderstanding and violence. The Albino Witchcraft Murders Documentary broadcast by the BBC tells the truth about what's going on in Africa. Every Brit needs to see it.

Working on Behalf of the Ukerewe Albinos

Ukerewe, is a Tanzanian Island in Lake Victoria, which houses a high concentration of albinos. Albinos who can afford it travel to places like Ukerewe seeking support and escaping living in fear of being hunted and murdered by those who would dismember them and sell their body parts to witchdoctors.

The Albino Witchcraft Murders Documentary focuses on the Ukerewe albinos in order to tell their story.

The film is the work of independent film maker Harry Freeland and Southern Africa's Children (SAC) CEO Jennifer Walker. What started out as a simple fundraising film for SAC became a full-length documentary as Mr. Freeland's heart was touched by the tragic circumstances of the Ukerewe families.

Freeland spent much of his time living on Ukerewe Island and getting to know his subjects and the daily struggles they go through. The result is a raw look at the challenges of African albinos including physical and mental torment, open discrimination, and the ever-present possibility of death.

The Role of SAC

The Albino Witchcraft Murders Documentary also exposes viewers to Southern Africa's Children and the important role they play in helping to solve the problems. The film talks about the Mitindo School in Mwanza, on the mainland; a school set up by the government to provide a secure place for albino children to receive a good education.

SAC works with albino children and their families by helping them gain access to education. Whether it is arranging to send children to the Mitindo School or non-albino schools like Jelly's School, SAC is committed to helping albinos get the education they need to make something of their lives.

In addition, SAC helps further by sponsoring albino children who have been abandoned by families and friends. The sponsorship provides the clothing and medicine these children need before they can begin attending school. They are planning a future community centre on Ukerewe Island where those with albinism can access information, support, medical help and friendship.

How You Can Help

SAC is asking you to help by sponsoring an albino boy or girl for 8 per month. Your sponsorship supplies the funds needed to provide albino children with food, clothes, medication, and schooling. Cheques can made payable to Southern Africa's Children and addressed to: Jennifer Walker, Southern Africa's Children, The Thatched Cottage, Bedlam Lane, Chicheley, MK16 9JF.

You may also donate online to the Umoja Community Centre and support the vital work of the Ukerewe Albino Society, or support Vedastus directly by contributing to a fund he will access after he completes his schooling. But above all, please make a point of watching the Albino Witchcraft Murders Documentary and telling others about it.

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