Albino Witchcraft Murder

Albino Witchcraft Murder Can It Be Stopped?!

In order to understand the problem of the albino witchcraft issue it's important to take a step back and look at the history of witchcraft in Africa. Anthropologists claim the roots of African witchcraft are found in ancient Egypt and Arabia. At the same time, it was heavily influenced by European witchcraft which was brought to the country during the peak of the slave trade. This amalgamation of influences has created a belief system that would be considered quite bizarre by Western standards.

As an example, if an extended drought hampers a specific region of the country and wipes out crops, the natural tendency of Africans is to blame it on a curse. Furthermore, curses are allegedly the result of someone in the community doing something in violation of their spiritual beliefs. It's an easy step to look for someone who appears abnormal and assign blame to that person.

Making matters worse is the fact that African nations are largely uneducated. In Tanzania, where the vast majority of albino witchcraft murders take place, very few children get a proper education or even learn to read and write. In outlying areas it's easy to find entire clans in which generations of family membershave never received any sort of education beyond the basic skills of survival. This lack of education only fuels superstitious beliefs.

The Influence of Witchcraft in Albino Murders

Skin colour plays a large and unfortunate role in the albino witchcraft murder problem. On the one hand, the pale skin of albinos causes non-albinos to view such individuals as cursed. Because they are cursed they are also seen as less valuable to society. They are even disposable when necessary.

On the other hand, witchcraft teaches that albinos are spirits rather than human beings. As spirits they have magical powers that others don't have. Witch doctors even claim that albino body parts can be used to make one wealthy because of the magic allegedly in them.

Unfortunately, the perverse beliefs of African witch doctors have created a lucrative market for albino body parts. With prices in the thousands of pounds for a single arm or leg there is no shortage of poor local villagers willing to make a living by killing.

The Murders Can Be Stopped

If education can wipe out superstition in the West it can also do so in Africa. It is for that very reason Southern Africa's Children (SAC) exists today. SAC is a UK charity working in Tanzania to educate as many people as possible about the genetic nature of albinism. They're also working to change cultural trends and superstitions that see albinos as less than human.

Southern Africa's Children is working in partnership with local on the ground organisations like The Ukerewe Albino Association. Together SAC provides the financial support to encourage local level empowerment of albinos and through this process the integration of albinos into society.

We have already had small success and aim to spread this success across Ukerewe Island to other communities, and then if we can get the funding support needed, replicate this successful project in other highly vulnerable areas for albinos such as Kigoma and Shinyanga.

More directly, they're also helping the victims themselves by offering them an education, food and clothing, medical aid, and even -funds to help albinos start a business or buy land after they finish school. Southern Africa's Children firmly believes albino witchcraft murders can be stopped. They're asking you to help by making a financial donation of any size.

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