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So Where Do Your Donations To African Charities For Children Go?

There are all sorts of good charities that depend on volunteer contributions in order to make ends meet. From African charities for children, to European charities for the disabled, helping those in need is the life work of many of these organizations and their volunteer staff. However, do you know where the donations you make actually go?

The good news is that the majority of charitable organisations use about 75% of their donations to fund their programs. The remaining 25% goes to administrative and fundraising operations. That is a pretty good number indeed. However, for one charity, known as Southern Africa's Children (SAC), things are even better.

Dedicated Funds to Dedicated Purposes

As far as African charities for children are concerned Southern Africa's Children is one of the best. They work with the albino population in Tanzania to offer them an education, some measure of peace and safety, and a hope for their futures. They utilise two primary revenue streams: dedicated contributions in general contributions.

All dedicated contributions are spent entirely on the project to which they are dedicated. For example, if someone makes a donation to provide food at the Hope School, 100% of that money does just that. General contributions are used to fund administration and fundraising. If a special need arises, SAC will hold a dedicated fundraiser just for that purpose.

The charity is able to accomplish these goals because they are staffed entirely by volunteers. Without salaries and benefits to pay, they are able to dedicate a majority of the funding directly to their programs.

What's in Store for SAC

As one of the leading African charities for children, SAC takes very seriously its responsibility to those they serve. Some of the projects they are currently working on include construction of a health and community centre on Tanzania's Ukerewe Island. The charity has been working with the Ukerewe Albino Society for several years now.

In addition, Southern Africa's Children also works with the Hope School for AIDS orphans in Tanzania. All of their efforts are built on a commitment to ensure Tanzania's most vulnerable have the opportunity for a productive and successful life. Where the albino community is concerned SAC helps by providing food, clothing, and limited medical care.

Helping Albinos Get a Start in Life

Beyond just the material help Tanzania's albino children need, SAC also provides an education as well as small amount of personal income to allow young adults to get started in life after they have completed their educations. This type of support is vitally important given the fact that albinos are considered outcasts and are not afforded the same economic opportunities as everyone else. There are very few other African charities for children helping in this way.

If you would like to help one of the finest African charities for children working with Tanzania's albino community, Southern Africa's Children would certainly welcome your support. You can find their financial information on the Charity Commission for England and Wales website.

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