2008 at Hope School

2008 at Hope School

Construction of the Boys Doritory!

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Southern Africa's Children worked with Hope School throughout 2008 to construct a boy's dormitory which will accommodate 48 orphaned children. The dormitory will provide space for each child to have his own bed and cupboard space. The building also has a washroom and showers and toilets as well as a play room. At the back of the dormitory outside there is a courtyard where the boys can play and where they currently sit for their meals. Outside at the front of the dormitory is land which is currently being used to develop vegetable gardens. The children are encouraged to help look after Hope School livestock and vegetable gardens to ensure that when they leave our care they have important life skills.

Hope SchoolHope SchoolHope SchoolHope School

Today The Mina Murray dormitory is a safe secure and happy home for 23 boys. The youngest is 4 years old and the eldest is seventeen years old.

Why did we need to build a dormitory? In 2005 all the boys were living in one classroom. They had to share mattresses on the floor and had very little bedding. None of the boys had mosquito nets and they had no safe space to put their minimal belongings.

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