2005 at Hope School

2005 at Hope School

Jenny Visits Hope School

Jenny Visits Hope School to meet with Hope School staff and children!

The visit was a brilliant opportunity to understand the needs of the school and the children and the surrounding communities. Until this visit Southern Africa's Children had prioritized the school and developed it to a standard of providing a quality education for children in Shinyanga. When Jenny visited in 2005 she realized with Hope School staff that it was time to focus project attention on the care of orphans at the school.

With the participation of Hope School staff and children a five year project plan was agreed with a view to providing a healthier and more stable environment for the orphans living at Hope School. The plan centered on providing each child with a comfortable and happy place to call home. Southern Africa's Children agreed on working with Hope School to build two dormitories at the school (one for boys and one for girls), and a multi-purpose hall where the children can study and enjoy other activities such as drama, music and dance!

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