2004 at Hope School

2004 at Hope School

The Hope School Farm!

Hope SchoolHope School

In 2004 Southern Africa's Children provided the funds for educational materials and uniforms and sports equipment for the children.

Southern Africa's Children also agreed to fund a very exciting and interesting project - The Hope School Farm! Funds were provided for each child living at the school to have one goat and one chicken. Money was also sent for the construction of animal pens.

The aims of the Farm project:

  1. Many of the children were obviously experiencing traumatic losses in their lives. Not only had they lost their parents and in some cases siblings too, in reality they had also lost their homes and their way of life. Most of the children used to be responsible for chores in the home, such as helping to keep the family livestock, collecting water or making the meals. The Farm Project would be a way for the children to continue caring for livestock and herding in the fields as well as ensure that the children maintained these essential life skills for when they begin to live independently once they leave our care.
  2. Essentially the farm project would help Hope School to raise an income through selling goat milk and chicks and eggs at the Shinyanga town market. These products of the farm would also help Hope School to ensure calcium and protein were always on the children's menu!
  3. Hope SchoolHope School

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