2003 at Hope School

2003 at Hope School

A Crumbling Shell of a Building

Southern Africa's Children first got involved with Hope School in 2002 when it received a report from the local government offices about a school for orphaned children. The school was literally a crumbling shell of a building where orphaned children met each day to be taught by one teacher (Bahati Dede) with one blackboard and chalk. The children sat on the floor and received a hot drink of tea and a snack once a day.

The situation was desperate as the children had no where else to go. Many were being cared for within the community through gifts from households and elders but the majority did not have a home.

Southern Africa's Children agreed to help Hope School with the funds for a classroom building and some essential learning materials. The focus of our partnership was to improve the educational learning environment for these children with the hope that Hope School could continue to work with communities to find homes / care for the children.

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